Stock Status

Product Status Best ETA Notes
Canandcoder In Stock    
Through Bore Out Of Stock    
CANandgyro Pre-Production N/A Entering Beta testing. Contact REDUX if you would like to sign up to test this product.



What does Status mean?

In general, status is divided into a few categories.

In Transit: Product is currently being moved from one location to another. Details will be in the notes category.

Pre-Production: The product is in the last stages of testing, and will be entering production soon.

In Production: The product is being manufactured. This is generally the longest stage of the product cycle.

In Stock: Product is in stock and can be bought normally.

Why Does Best ETA Fluctuate?

In general, we update the best ETA as we gain more information about the status of the product. In general, the ETA will narrow as the production cycle goes on, and may fluctuate by a few days as it gets closer to the stocking day.

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