Phosphorus Canandcolor


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The Phosphorus Canandcolor is an FRC-legal versatile solution for measuring the proximity and color of a sensed object. The sensor integrates a IR proximity sensor and RGBW color sensor, as well as a bright on-board LED for low light conditions. The Canandcolor also contains two incredibly flexible digital ports, which can output everything from PWM signals representing the proximity or hue of the detected object, to team-customizable digital logic controllers built entirely into the sensor.

Package Contents:

  • Phosphorus sensor board
  • Case (1 bottom and 1 top piece)
  • 1x M3 Case Screw


Main Product Documentation 

CAN API Docs: Java

CAN API Docs: C++

CAD Files:

Coming Soon!

Operating Voltage:
Sensing Range:
2-15 cm